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Security Fundamentals Academy

On-Demand Splunk Training


Splunk Engineer

Learn the ins and outs of Splunk's data management in our exciting program! Dive into how Splunk engineers handle data, ensure it's right, and set up alerts for any hiccups – all crucial for their daily work


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Splunk Fundamentals

This program is a hands-on Splunk fundamentals class that teaches you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statistics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. It will also introduce you to Splunk's datasets features and Pivot interface and later expound on it.


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Splunk Incident Response Fundamentals

You will learn the fundamentals of Incident Response and how to apply them through hands-on activities in our virtual environments using Splunk.

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On-Demand Security Training

On Demand Courses

Security Fundamentals

This program is a thorough and hands-on introduction to Cybersecurity and Information technology (IT). It prepares students for CompTIA’s Security+ Certification, and most importantly it positions them for employment.

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Vulnerability Engineer

Looking to learn about vulnerabilities and how to find them? Our comprehensive on-demand training is designed for individuals of all ages who are interested in mastering the art of vulnerability engineering and analysis.


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Training for Kids


Security Fundamentals

for Kids

This program is designed for young learners who want to explore the basics of networking and cybersecurity in a fun and engaging way.

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