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Security Fundamentals I

On-Demand Course

About This Course

This course is a thorough and hands-on introduction to Cybersecurity and Information technology (IT). It prepares students for CompTIA’s Security+ Certification, and most importantly it positions them for employment.

If you have no previous Cybersecurity or IT experience this course is for you. Each skill, topic, and concept are broken down into kindergarten levels for your understanding and comprehension. All 30+ labs are guided and broken down for students to digest and effectively produce the same results on their own.

The overall objective of this Security Fundamentals class is to create assets (like yourself) who are ready to hit the ground running within in any organization or company.

This course goes beyond the Security+ certification. You are learning the skills of a Security Practitioner from a hands-on experience. If you are Security+ certified you will still benefit from this course; especially if you are not able to comfortably articulate your skills, and confidently perform security related tasks. 


All students will have 3-months access to this course and 9-months access to our Discord community. The Discord community is a great resource to ask questions, meetup for live weekly study sessions, and to utilize our career development resources (such as resume critiques, interview-prep, and job opportunities). 

The career development resources will become available after your 3-month access to Podia expires. In other words, after your 3-month training, your access to Podia will expire and you will continue to have access to O-Line's Discord Server for another 6 months.

To help you focus on one thing at a time, you will have access to our career development resources (via discord) after your 3 months of hands-on training. In other words, after your course, your access to Podia will expire. You will continue to have access to O-Line's Discord Server for another 6 months to capitalize on employment opportunities.


Who This Course is For

If you are trying to break into IT, Cybersecurity, or Information Security then this course is for you. If you are looking for hands-on skills to solve real-world problems this course is for you. If you are Security+ certified and having issues capitalizing on employment opportunities, this course is for you too.



"O-Line security has helped me in my journey from day one. I came into the class knowing very little about cybersecurity, and when I finished the course, I felt as if I was at an advanced level afterwards."

Alonzo O.


"O-Line Security has been working in my favor since I first got in the class. When I started, I barely knew the basics of cybersecurity. Now recruiters are calling me for interviews."

Kabah A.


"I highly recommend O-Line Security to anybody who is looking to get into cybersecurity as a career or looking to gain a new skill. They simplify concepts down to a micro-level in order to understand it on a macro level."

Ralph H.


The Curriculum


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