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Security Fundamentals

On-Demand Course

About This Course

This hands-on course provides a thorough introduction to Cybersecurity and IT, preparing students for CompTIA's Security+ certification and positioning them for employment. It is designed for those with no prior experience in Cybersecurity or IT and breaks down each skill, topic, and concept into easy-to-understand levels.


The course goes beyond the Security+ certification, teaching the skills of a Security Practitioner from a hands-on perspective. Even those already Security+ certified can benefit from this course to better articulate their skills and confidently perform security-related tasks.


Upon enrolling in the Security Fundamentals course, students will receive 3 months of access to the course materials through Podia. In addition, they will also have 9 months of access to O-Line Security's Discord community, where they can ask questions, participate in live study sessions, and access career development resources.

The career development resources available on the Discord server include resume critiques, interview preparation guidance, and job opportunities.


These resources will become available after the 3-month access to the course materials expires. This allows students to focus on their training during the first 3 months without distractions, and then shift their attention towards career development and employment opportunities during the remaining 6 months of Discord access.

By offering this extended access to the Discord community, O-Line Security aims to help students capitalize on their newly acquired skills and knowledge, and successfully launch their careers in cybersecurity and IT.

Who This Course is For

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in breaking into the fields of IT, Cybersecurity, or Information Security. It provides hands-on training that teaches students valuable skills to solve real-world problems. Even if you are already Security+ certified but are struggling to find employment opportunities, this course can benefit you. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills, build your resume, or expand your knowledge in the field, this course can help you achieve your goals.



"O-Line security has helped me in my journey from day one. I came into the class knowing very little about cybersecurity, and when I finished the course, I felt as if I was at an advanced level afterward."

Alonzo O.


"O-Line Security has been working in my favor since I first got in the class. When I started, I barely knew the basics of cybersecurity. Now recruiters are calling me for interviews."

Kabah A.


"I highly recommend O-Line Security to anybody who is looking to get into cybersecurity as a career or looking to gain a new skill. They simplify concepts down to a micro-level to understand it on a macro level."

Ralph H.


The Curriculum


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