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Incident Response Fundamentals

On-Demand Course

Using Splunk

About This Course

This course is a thorough introduction to incident response utilizing a SIEM tool called Splunk. Through our hands-on virtual environments, you will learn how to parse through logs (using Splunk) in order to identify malicious activities. In addition, you will learn how to analyze other events outside of Splunk, such as pcap files, to corroborate your Splunk findings.


You will learn what Splunk is and how it works. Most importantly, you will learn the fundamentals of Incident Response and how to apply them through hands-on activities in our virtual environments.


If you are trying to break into Incident Response, a Splunk environment, or want to enhance your Cybersecurity skills this course is for you. 


Who This Course Is For

This course is for beginners new to incident response. You will learn how to effectively conduct and manage Cybersecurity incidents using Splunk. This course prepares you for the following positions: Incident Responder, SOC Analysts, Cyber Analysts, Information Security Analyst. 


Hands-on Training

This training provides hands-on incident response experience. Our virtual environments were provisioned to emphasize the fundamentals of Incident Response using Splunk. It is not a Splunk course. However, we illustrate key Splunk components, skills, and techniques to enhance your Incident Responder skill set. 



All students will have 21-days access to this course and our Discord community. Discord is available for questions, study sessions, and meetups. The 14 days access begins after you successfully registered. In other words, if you register for the class today, today will count as Day 1 of your 14 day access.


Positions this course

prepares you for:

  • Incident Responder

  • SOC Analyst

  • Cyber Analyst

  • Information Security Analyst 

This course isn't for experienced users. 


This course was excellent. I am pretty much new to Incident Response. A lot of recruiters have been asking if I have any Splunk experience and this course gave me that plus more. I landed a gig as a Splunk analysts after going through these modules. The last one was my favorite! Thank you 0-Line! This is a Gem! 

Justin Shurr


This course is is amazing. Just completed the final module and I can confidently say that this course definitely will give you great insight on what it's like to respond and investigate incidents in a SOC environment. Be sure you take internalize everything the skills you learn in these upcoming modules because there's no doubt that it will help you hit the ground running in you cyber security career. 

Atiba L.


I needed this! I pretty much have no background in Splunk or as a SOC analyst. I'm familiar with the incident response process though. This course was definitely made for ppl like me. Having access to it for 2 weeks helps even more because I get to play around with the modules a bit more, go through the investigation on my own w/o help, and create more of my own knowledge objects. I can't wait to sign up for the Splunk Fundamentals courses that were mentioned. 

Grant J.


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