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Live Security Fundamentals

About This Course

This course is a 10 week virtual course. Classes are Monday - Thursday from 8:15pm - 9:35pm EDT with additional study sessions. 


Students will have 9-months access to our Discord community. The Discord community is a great resource to ask questions, meetup for live weekly study sessions, and to utilize our career development resources (such as resume critiques, interview-prep, and job opportunities).


The career development resources will become available during your 10 week training and will still be available after the training. In other words, after your course, you will continue to have access to O-Line's Discord Server for another 6 months to capitalize on employment opportunities.


Who This Course is Made For

If you have no experience and want to switch to Cybersecurity or Information Technology (IT),

then this course is for you.


Our Security Fundamentals I Course stresses the importance of career development, resume critiquing, and interview preparation. In order for a successful career, students need to know how to apply their new skill sets on their resume, at an interview, and in the workplace. Career development is the greatest feature of our Security Fundamentals I Course. The course prepares students for CompTIA’s Security+ Certification, and most importantly it positions them for employment. Our overall goal is to create assets ready to learn and work, not certificate holders.


"O-Line Security is definitely one of the best investments I have made. It is worth every penny. I came into the program certified but yet I still gained even more knowledge about the field and more insight into security. This course also provided me with some hands-on experience through the labs which helped me land a great job."

Dami O.


"Thank you, Tobi and O-Line Security, for the ongoing training session. I've found it very interesting and useful to succeed going further in my IT career. The course is well structured, and the teaching is by far standard with use cases from IT environment."

Lawerence M.


"GREAT VALUE (should be up there). I really am thankful and humbled to have been taught by a brilliant man named Tobi, along with all my other classmates and the O-Line Security platform. His emphasis on learning the fundamentals and STUDYING is very key."

Kevin O.


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